I’ll be honest with you, blogging got tiring and reading became a job instead of a hobby.  I pushed through books just to make it to my review deadline which really took the fun out of it. I felt like if I didn’t post regularly, there was no point in having this blog at all, which was stupid. I mean, it’s not like I’m doing this for money.

In the past month that I’ve been gone, I haven’t finished any novels. I’d go through a few dozen pages, and the moment I found something I didn’t like about it, no matter how small, I’d put it down. It’s most likely because I broke my habit of reading so it’s just a matter of starting back up again slowly.

Anyway, after that little internet/blogging detox, I am back! I don’t have anything specifically planned, but I have noticed I’ve been tagged in a few things so I’ll probably do those first, and then see how things go.